Alessandro Di Pinto

Developed Tools

HP Data Protector Remote Arbitrary Command Execution

These scripts exploit a publicly-known vulnerability in the HP Data Protector service. The flaw allows an unauthenticated attacker to execute an arbitrary command inside the remote target system. The main goal of the scripts is to execute a system command with an arbitrary number of parameters.

Offline SIP Cracker

Offline SIP Cracker, it's a very simple and optimized tool used to perform SIP authentication cracking through a dictionary-based attack. Main target of Offline SIP Cracker is to perform an optimized offline SIP authentication cracking, which means that it isn't needed any network traffic in order to perform a session cracking.

Yet Another Nessus Parser

Yet Another Nessus Parser (YANP) is a parser to extract information from .nessus file format, used by Tenable Nessus, in order to export vulnerability assessment reports. Main purpose of YANP is to allow a penetration testers to transform XML reports into many customized output formats.